JACL Projects

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Below is a list of JACL games and programs that can be played online. Click below to play in your browser, no download required.

Interactive fiction set in Darwin Australia during the Second World War. Travel to an early warning station on remote island to investigate the disappearance of three Australian soldiers shortly before a Japanese air raid.

Play Blackjack online in your web browser with no download. Game includes coaching for both basic strategy and card counting.

Kielbasa is a general-purpose music theory tool. It is designed to help answer questions such as: what key is a song with the chords Am, Em and F in?; what chords are in the key of D?; what notes are in the chord D Major9?; and, what chord has the notes E, G# and B?

Strange, unexplained deaths have been occuring in the marine life surrounding a remote island military base and you have been sent to investigate. Your investigation will ultimately lead you to the other side of the world where you will uncover the secrets behind a sinister plot to find The Unholy Grail.

As a fantasy adventurer, the only commands you've used in a while have been WAIT, DOWN and OUT. But look on the bright side, at least you're not the only one...

French IF Comp entry by Eric Forgeot.

French sample game by Eric Forgeot.